Shobukan Martial Arts- Colorado

A Quick Introduction

Shobukan Colorado Martial Arts is a not for profit club teaching Goju Ryu Karate for self defense and Matayoshi Kobudo (weapons).

We are a satellite club of a national organization with ties to martial arts organizations in Okinawa and Japan.

Our primary focus is on self defense. Because karate is a physical activity, you’ll also find many physical and mental benefits from training.

Approaching the martial arts from a Christian background, we have a practical perspective on teaching the martial arts without resorting to metaphysical explanations.

Please take some time to look though our site.

If you’re visiting the area, guests are always welcome to drop in and train with us.

Ippon in kids class amarillo workout

Browse our Web site for more information about Shobukan Colorado

If you have any questions for the instructors at Shobukan Colorado, please feel free to contact us

Working with adults
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