Not for profit

The Colorado Shobukan is a not for profit organization.

You may have noticed that class fees seem incredibly low compared to commercial schools. There is a reason for this. Commercial schools have to pay rent, utilities, and many additional costs. Second, if teaching full time, an instructor needs to earn an income on top of these expenses.

Our club does not have to deal with such costs. Traditionally, in Okinawa prior to WWII, students donated a small amount for lessons. We've chosen to follow that example and run the club as a not for profit community service. Some of the fees are used to purchase training equipment for the class, and for other expenses that benefit club members.
Here is a list of what class fees may be used for. This list is not all inclusive, but gives you an idea of how funds are utilized.

  • Facility upkeep
  • Training equipment
  • Guest instructors
  • Club activities outside class
  • Insurance
  • Association fees
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