The Sensei's (instructor's) name is Sam Walker.
Sam Walker started in karate in 1982. he started training with Lee Gray Sensei in 1983. In 1992, Sam Sensei started teaching his first small group. He's taught classes for children and adults since then.
He's been a guest instructor at other schools, taught youth organizations, women's self-defense, given seminars open to the public, and held seminars with Marine Corps recruiters and recruits. He's attended numerous seminars and had the homor to train with some notable karateka over the years.
Walker Sensei has also received training in Okinawan kobujutsu (weapons), and Jo jutsu (short staff) which originated in mainland Japan. Weapons include the bo (staff), sai, tonfa, jo, and cane.

When he reached 10 years in his karate training, he attended the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. His goal was to increase his knowledge so he could benefit his students and friends. There he earned a certification in acupressure and massage with a specialization in sports therapy. He has also studied fitness training and strength training. Because of this, he has a unique understanding of physiology, body movement, and mechanics not often found in martial arts instructors.
To understand why he believes in the benefits of karate, we'd like to share a story from his life.

Over 20 years ago, Walker Sensei was in a severe motorcycle accident. The doctors informed him he would not be able to engage in any strenuous activity involving the legs. So they sent him home with a cane and no rehabilitative therapy, as the doctors considered physical therapy would not be of any benefit for his injury.
With the help of his Sensei, Lee Gray, Goju-ryu karate became his physical therapy. Through the training, he recovered to the point after a few years where people could no longer tell he'd been injured. He credits God, his Sensei, and Goju-ryu karate for allowing him to defy the doctor's prognosis; and firmly believes in the health benefits of correct training in the martial arts.
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